Monday, 4 April 2016

Communication within the Organization

An organization may have a great Vision and its mission may be very impressive but it will not manifest unless it is communicated to all employees within the organization.  The objectives of many organizations remain unfulfilled mainly because it is not effectively communicated to each and every employee within the company.

Many organizations have great external communication tools and mechanisms but do not put efforts into ensuring that the vision and objectives are comprehensively transmitted to all. Lack of communication of a common objective leads to different functions within the organization working at cross purposes and friction within departments.  Effective communication internally is the only way to ensure that all functions work as a close-knit unit and have transparency in their functioning.

It is not only departments that can work cohesively but each and every employee will have a sense of belonging when communication about the organization’s policies and objectives reaches them. Sharing about achievements and company milestones brings about a feeling of belonging and commitment.  One also receives feedback in the process that will only help organizations put processes and procedures in place for the benefit of the customer and help in its growth and advancement.

Effective internal communications on an ongoing basis is the only way an organization can ensure a united workforce and establish a platform for achieving its objectives and actualize its vision.

- Arunaagiri Mudaaliar

Arunaagiri is an Author of best selling books like 'Unleash your Potential' & 'Jogging for Life Success', an International Sportsman, a Successful Entrepreneur, a widely loved Yoga Teacher and a reputed International Corporate Trainer.

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