Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Learning from Customer Complaints...

Often, a customer will complain, or offer a suggestion. Our response is either defensive, or we do not want to bother responding to customers.

Especially when we hear the same suggestion, or complaint several times we should take the feedback seriously.

Learn to listen carefully. Respond promptly. Make amendments and meet the customers’ needs.

I ordered a steak medium from a place nearby. The meat was very red, and cool in the center, very rare by my standards. I pointed this out to the waiter. His curt response was; “We cook them right”, and she turned away. I did not return and the place closed within a year!

Take customer complain seriously and objectively and make changes. Change your process if necessary to insure you don’t repeat the same mistake again. The result will be happy customers, and a smoother business.

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