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Thought is said to be fluctuations at the level of consciousness.

Thought is energy like everything else in the universe. The potency of thought is seen from the fact that in the manifestation cycle “Thought becomes Things.”

The pathway of the Manifestation cycle is Thoughts > Words > Actions > Habits > Character > Destiny.

Research has shown that human beings on a average get 60,000 thoughts and nearly 90% the thoughts are repetitive and negative.

It is also known that at any given point of time mind can have only one thought.

Also every human being has the ultimate power to choose a thought and focus on it. It is each individual’s sole discretion and prerogative.

It is said that “Where the Focus goes, energy flows and results manifest. Hence it is said that “We have Thoughts, and Thoughts do not have you.”

Every evolved person manages himself like a witness vis-a-vis the running thoughts in the mind. He keeps himself separate from the thoughts and functions like a gatekeeper and only allows those thoughts which he finds appropriate to be focused on. Hence at any given time he is in control.

Whenever any disturbing thoughts are created then he repeats to himself internally “Thank you for sharing” and lets it pass by. We should not attempt to resist the thoughts. The cardinal rule “Resistance leads to persistence” is true in thought management as well. Whenever we try to shut out a thought, avoid a thought, or drive away a thought, the thought remains with you for longer.

On the other hand, “Acceptance leads to Disappearance” principle is also true. As you accept that you have such negative thoughts and that you are OK with them, you let them pass so that you do not get stuck with them. And you have to bear the consequence of the negative energy.

Here I would like to refer to the benefits of learning and practising ‘Samadhi’ meditation.

In Samadhi meditation as taught by Guru Rishi Prabhakharji, one of my Guru’s, the entire focus is in being ‘Silent’. Guruji states that practice of true silence is about taking time not to attend to thoughts which provoke action. Being in silence is not being disturbed by thoughts. Not being in silence is attending to thoughts and getting disturbed.

Gaining the ability to keep aloof and not to be disturbed by what is happening outside is an art one must master in life.

An evolved individual will go into silence rather than taking action in turbulence.

Body-Mind-Intellect Theory:

In the sphere of thought leadership one more valuable insight is the Concept of ‘Body-Mind-Intellect’ inter-relation. 

In this Concept, it is said that Body through the five senses captures stimuli from the external environment.

All such stimuli are then deposited in the Conceptual store house called Mind.

Mind then reacts or responds depending upon how powerful is your Intellect, the discriminating part.

It is the intellect which determines as to what response to be given to the stimuli gathered by the mind.

An intellect, which is developed, takes action on the thought which is in sync with the conscience - one which advances the soul journey towards peace, happiness, bliss, centeredness, etc.

An underdeveloped intellect in an individual will be a captive of the monkey mind which is impulsive, reactive, seeking immediate gratifications and temporary pleasure orientation attuned towards more body consciousness and pleasure.

Hence our learned Saints had said that “Apne buddhi ko apne man ke peeche jasoos bana ke rakhna.”

Do not allow the jumpy, unstable, reactive, monkey mind to destabilize you by its short term oriented, reactive responses to thoughts.

Hence every evolved person is pursuing thought leadership through thought mastery.

“Faith is leaping over the fence. It is crossing the
mountain. It is going beyond the boundaries. It
is breaking through the limitations that you and
others have set. It is seeing beyond the end to a
bright new beginning and a new tomorrow.”

– Robert Schuller


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