Sunday, 26 July 2015

Understanding Customer Needs...

One of the key reasons for failing to close a sale is that we haven’t understood what the customer truly wants and needs. For example, good real-estate agents work with their customers to determine exactly the home they want. During an initial meeting, the buyers may explain what they need and want: four bedrooms, a large back yard for the dog and kids, a particular price range, and an approximate location. But the basics are only the start. As houses are shown, the sales agent asks detailed questions about floor plans, kitchen setups, and other details. What the buyer says, and does not say, is factored by the sales agent and used to narrow the possible choices for a new home. The drawing-out process of information is the key ingredient for finding the right home.

Likewise, we need to get into customers’ minds to determine how they think and what they want. Starbucks sells coffee, but so do many other places, from grocery stores to gas stations. Though coffee is a readily available commodity, Starbucks offers a specialized product line, and an in-store experience that allows them to charge a premium price for their coffee. Early on, Starbucks understood that many customers want more than just a cup of coffee.

Develop the habit of asking your customers penetrating questions. What they like - or what they would like more, or less, of - and why. As you ask these probing questions, information will emerge - information you can utilize to understand your customers’ needs, and to help you meet those needs directly.

Business is earned by meeting customer needs, as you better understand your customers, and their needs, you will be able to grow your sales and your business.

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