Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The Power of Self Belief - Believe in yourself!

If you do not believe in yourself, how can you expect the world to believe in you?
Self belief is one of the most important ingredients for an effective performance in any sphere of life.

The entire cycle of self belief and self actualization goes this way:
Self acceptance  -  Self respect  -  Self worth  -  Self belief  - Self confidence  -  Self actualization.
Beliefs are the mental bandwidth of our Perception, Performance and Action.  Just as we can see objects in the ‘visual’ bandwidth in tune with our eye sight, or we have a ‘hearing’ bandwidth, and we hear sound only within the stipulated bandwidth, so too, depending upon our beliefs cultivated and nurtured based on our experience, exposure and training, our actions and performance are limited. So, what needs to be worked on is the limiting belief which confines, restricts and hampers our life.
Many of the beliefs have such a strong hold on our lives that you create a self limiting boundary, taking your beliefs as a gospel truth.  The right thing to do is to re-examine every belief of ours in the light of the present moments and accept or replace it in the light of the new facts and realities.

Take a look at the impact of belief and its sequence:
Beliefs > Attitude > Feelings > Results > Actions

Your belief determines the attitude towards a situation which leads to the generation of certain feelings instigating actions and the consequent results.

Remember: Whatever your mind can believe & conceive, it can achieve...

- About Arunaagiri Mudaaliar

Arunaagiri is an Author of best selling books like 'Unleash your Potential' & 'Jogging for Life Success', an International Sportsman, a Successful Entrepreneur, a widely loved Yoga Teacher and a reputed International Corporate Trainer.