Sunday, 19 July 2015

Human Potential

Out of the 85 lakh thousand different species in the world, human beings are the most evolved ones.  The Almighty has created humans using all His ingenuity and largesse.  He has bestowed a form with unique features.  He has infused traits and talents and an infinite potential to create or achieve anything.  Once we realize this potential and learn the techniques to unleash it, nothing can stop us from attaining our goal and achieving success.

 If you compare the pictures of animals of 500 years ago with those of the present ones, you would hardly find any change in them. They have practically remained the same in five centuries.  On the other hand, you will be aghast at the evolution in human species!

 Human beings have conquered the whole world and subjugated all other species.  This was possible because of our brain power.  Human brain has several million neuron cells, as compared to a few hundred thousand neurons in the animal species.  This difference is what makes human species so very powerful, with the innate capability to constantly evolve, grow, invent and rule the world.

Human beings are designed to be extraordinary.  They have the potential to generate more.  But their capacity to consume is less.  Thus they are created to produce more, contribute more and be a provider, protector and propagator.

Unfortunately, most of the human species are living a mediocre life.  Mediocrity is the biggest insult to God who has made us to produce extraordinary results!

However, our infinite, inherent potential is not allowed to manifest due to our own self-created barriers. These barriers are the negative emotions like fear, doubt, disbelief, hatred, greed, lust, selfishness, jealousy, etc. that we harbour and nurture within ourselves.  This saps our creative potential, power and energy and pushes us towards the survival mode.  In this disempowering mindset, we are just existing, merely adding days to our lives, instead of adding life and celebrations into our days.

As we all know, human beings have a conscious strata and an unconscious strata in the brain.  The latter occupies a larger share.

Many of our behaviours and actions are influenced by the conditioning in the subconscious mind.  This is all due to the experiences arising out of what we have heard and have been told by people around or due to the influences of the close people like our parents, children, friends and surroundings.  Some special incidents that have occurred in our life also leave a deep imprint on our psyche, influencing our present behaviour significantly. 
One more negative influence which reduces our ability to realize the potential is  the self-talk that is also inherent in all of us.  Most of the time that self-talk is negative and disempowering.  Instead of letting go, most people give too much attention to this disempowering self-talk which goes on in the mind like:
“I am not good enough”
“I cannot do it”
"This work is beyond me”
“I am a failure,” and so on.

The remedy for this disempowering self-talk is to let it pass without resisting and by practicing positive affirmations like:

“I am smart”
“I like myself”
“I am excellence personified”
“I am happy as me”
“I am much more than what I appear to be”
“I am whole, complete, perfect and magnificent”
“I always do my very best”
“My today is yesterday plus,” etc.

One more basic conviction that is a prerequisite for living your full human potential is to view in the consciousness that you are OK and you accept and appreciate yourself for the way you are right now.

You also consider that everyone around you is absolutely OK the way they are.  This conviction is necessary to live a powerful life.

Lastly, one needs to realize that to unshackle the dormant potential, one need to work on one’s inside to bring it out rather than expect some external factors to help unleash the power within.


       Your powers are limitless and 
       Your capabilities are countless.
       The depth of your power is imponderable
       And the wealth of your capabilities is inexhaustible.
       You have a vast world of chances
       And opportunities to pick up and grow up;
       No setback should push you back
       No trouble should make you feel less capable.
       With unyielding guts you must ace your defeats,
       And with unending zeal you must march towards your goal.
-          S. Devaraj


About Arunaagiri Mudaaliar

Arunaagiri is an Author of best selling books like 'Unleash your Potential' & 'Jogging for Life Success', an International Sportsman, a Successful Entrepreneur, a widely loved Yoga Teacher and a reputed International Corporate Trainer.